May 1, 2019

Level 3 Class at Anytime Agility in Nampa, ID Class is at 7:00pm Contact Stacey for registration, waiver forms, and/or details.

Balanced Brain + Balanced Body = Great Dog

Body awareness decreases risk of injury. At least once a week, work on body awareness and proprioceptive skills is a definite must, if you plan on a busy trial season. Always warm up and cool down!

Beginner Agility Skills Level 1 Class Graduation

This location is a really nice fenced acre with lots of distractions. All the dogs responded well to the chickens. Every team worked through the challenges and are looking forward to another opportunity to test for Level 2. Level 3 group class is tentatively scheduled for Wednesdays, 7 pm, at Anytime Agility, starting May 1.