Curriculum Outline and Expense Detail

12 week course in pet grooming – $5000

Canine Design grooming school provides a 12-week course in basic all-breed pet grooming with emphasis on safety, service, and excellence.

All course sections include:

  • text and written work
  • majority of time being spent with hands-on instruction
  • no more than two students are usually scheduled to be working at the same level
  • 2-4 hours reading/written work
  • testing as well as proficiency testing in practical skills with equipment
  • must successfully complete 20 solo grooms

All students are expected to have:

  • current medical insurance and tetanus vaccinations
  • pass an interview process and background check
  • tools and text books on the required list prior to commencement
  • maintain confidentiality of all clients and all Canine Design employees

Any student wishing to work successive weeks on specialized areas of competency may make arrangements to do so for an additional amount to be determined at that time. Students are encouraged to attend outside activities such as dog shows, trade shows, and grooming competitions to gain proficiency in other areas of grooming.

Students will be allowed to groom their own dogs as part of fulfilling their course requirements one time unless the style of the haircut changes and the dog may be used more than one time. Cats will not be a required item in the curriculum. Only those students wishing to groom cats will be asked to do so.

Any student not meeting course requirements by course end may choose to complete successive weeks training in specialized areas at additional cost to be determined at that time.

Equipment $1,500 (or less) ($1000 of the total due in fees is a non- refundable deposit).

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Apprentice Program Equipment List and Curriculum available on request



We will not accept your pet for a grooming appointment without a current Rabies Vaccine given by a licensed Veterinarian.

We will not accept your pet for grooming if the pet has received its vaccine less than 7 days prior to the scheduled appointment time.

At the time any appointment is scheduled, a $35 scheduling deposit is taken. If you choose to make any changes to the scheduled appointment time without 24 hours of notice, or do not show up for the scheduled appointment, the deposit turns into a cancellation fee.