Commitment to 4 Private Lessons before Group Class

Hourly Sessions
Starting at $75 per hour

Group Class
Starting at $185 for 6 weeks

Waive Beginner Level 1
Starting at $50

Waiver and Release of Sponsored Agility Practice / Seminar / Clinic

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Intro Life Skills Level Package

4 Private Lessons – Starting at $400

The Intro Life Skills Level Package (along with previous clinic/seminar attendance) is a prerequisite for any group classes. These four private lessons will focus on intense shaping for the foundation of life skills and is ideal for puppies that are 10 weeks and older. The Intro Life Skills Level Package is $400 for all 4 private lessons.

Beginning Agility Skills, Levels 1-3

6 Weekly Classes – Starting at $185

Levels 1-3 are group classes with a limited number of student/dog teams. Beginning Agility Skills Classes introduce impulse control, basic obedience, body awareness, and ground work in preparation for more advanced agility instruction. The cost of this class is $185 for levels 1, 2, and 3. Each class is weekly, 45 minutes in duration, and held for six weeks.

Intermediate Agility Skills

Starting at $100 Per Hour

The Intermediate Agility Skills sessions are held with semi-private instruction and 2-4 student/dog teams. These sessions offer exposure to all agility equipment with a focus on independent obstacle commitment, cue clarity, and teamwork. Each session is $100 per hour.


D4 Dog Agility puts a large emphasis on cross training, fitness, body awareness, overall wellness, and health.

Dogs are being asked to perform tasks that require an extreme level of athleticism. A normal body weight and soundness is imperative, as is toenail and foot grooming maintenance.

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