VIP Puppy Package Included Services:

  • Puppy massage
  • Bath and blow dry
  • Pads shaved and sanitary area trimmed
  • Nail trimming
  • Face trimming and comb out
  • Feet shaping and general scissor shape up
  • Ear cleaning and ear hair removal
  • Anal sac expression
  • and more!

puppy grooming idaho

The VIP Puppy Package includes three appointments, two weeks apart.

The entire package is paid for at the time of the first visit. All other appointments are scheduled at that time, as well.

We try to make this a positive experience for the puppy. We use positive reinforcement for desired behaviors and they learn table manners.

Most puppies that go through the VIP Puppy Package, drag their owners through the doors for their next appointments! This is what we want! Dogs that are happy to come to the salon and are comfortable with the experience.