Next event Canine Chiropractic Wellness,featuring Dr. Brooke Kelly. Dr Kelly is the only AVCA certified chiropractor in the Treasure Valley.

March 2, 2019, 630pm. By invitation, limited seating. Please private message if you want to hold a seat.

$20 per person with a portion of the proceeds to be donated to a local animal welfare group.

Improve your dog’s quality of life and competitive life span and edge.

Some topics we will cover are importance of regular adjustments, proper nutrition and hydration, foot and nail care, exercises.

(all details for event are on my Facebook page as an event) ( feel free to move sentences where you think they make sense)

Balance Brain + Balanced Body = Great Dog
Does your dog get to run at a natural pace and be a dog?
Do you have training and default behaviors in place so your dog is safe in off leash situations?

This is so important for canine mental well being! It also promotes overall body tone and fitness. Whether you are competing In agility or obedience, or just going for a hike, default behaviors are important.

Consultations concerning Puppy Pilates, body awareness, diet and supplements upon request.

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