Who We Are

Canine Design is an all-breed dog and cat Grooming Salon/day spa and pet stylist School conveniently located on the Boise Bench. The Salon is owned and operated by Stacey Sullivan, president of Sullivan Enterprises, Inc.
The salon is located at 2621 W. Camas St., Boise Idaho.

We are currently accepting new clients and scheduling appointments Monday through Saturday, with the exception of a few holidays.



Young Living

Apprentice Program

Canine Design grooming school provides a 12-week course in basic all-breed pet grooming with emphasis on safety, service, and excellence. All course sections include text and written work as well as the majority of time being spent with hands-on instruction. No more than two students are usually scheduled to be working at the same level at any given time period.

All students must successfully complete solo grooms. Any student wishing to work successive weeks on specialized areas of competency may make arrangements to do so for an additional amount to be determined at that time. Students are encouraged to attend outside activities such as dog shows, trade shows, and grooming competitions to gain proficiency in other areas of grooming.

Stacey is also currently offering individualized seminars for other pet professionals and private parties who only want to learn specific aspects of the Pet styling process.


Agility Instruction and Clinics

Stacey is currently offering clinics and seminars on a limited basis.
She is also offering foundation skills lessons and private agility skills lessons. Winter advanced agility practices will be offered beginning in November.

Stacey and Sheila, her border collie mix, have been ranked in the top 10 breed category nationally in NADAC in 2009, 2010, 2011 and qualified in the Superstakes division in Championships in 2011, 2012, and 2014 when she placed 4th. Stacey is also showing her silver St. Poodle, Gibbs in some games and Miss Money Penny, her Border Collie, in agility this year.

Her clinics and seminars focus on handling agility courses with your dog as a team. The methods she teaches really increase confidence for the dog and handler on the course, as well as, increase the distance the handler can put between themselves and the dog successfully on the course. Sometimes, staying out of the dog’s way is the best way!
To see Stacey and Sheila at work click on these links:

For more general local dog agility information go to www.boiseagility.org