Winter is coming!

Even though the snow isn’t flying just yet,

your Fur Baby still needs to have a spa day.

Here are some of the reasons why!


“Fa Fe Ta”,  Touch-up…

In the salon, the Face, Feet, and Tail, is a coat saver and a great way to keep your favorite Fur Baby fresh and clean.

We can comb out coat, bathe, trim nails, pads, sani area, and leave the body hair for extra warmth. This is a winter must for maintaining coat that will retain its insulation qualities.

  • Before
  • Feet and Tail After
    FaFeTa After

Matted hair that is left unkempt will just get wet, stay wet and actually act as a chilling factor. Long hair on the feet, especially, around the pads can collect dirt, ice melt, and actually add to traction issues. It will also collect snow that will ball up around the pads. This is a great place for bacterial infections to get started; warm, dark, moist and dirty.

Toenails, that are not kept short, contribute to arthritic changes in the joints and pain in older dogs that are already arthritic. Longer toenails can get caught in decks and carpets/rugs for a very bloody and painful injury.

So, give us a call and we can schedule your next appointment for a FaFeTa! Your Fur Baby will Thank You!

If you schedule a FaFeTa in between your usual grooming appointments during the month of January or February, we will include a complementary teeth brushing. This is a $10 value.

Call 208-336-3413 now!