Canine Design Grooming Services

Canine Design is an all-breed dog and cat grooming salon/day spa provides an exceptional line of botanical products and show quality grooming supplies. Many of Canine Design’s customers are show dog breeders and trainers.

Stacey Sullivan, Canine Design’s owner, has over 30 years of experience, including 13 years working as a full-time veterinary technician and clinic manager.  As a result, based on that experience, all aspects of health are a consideration that are taken seriously at Canine Design.

Pet Grooming Services include:

  • Spa Services
  • Aromatherapy
  • Individual Consultations

VIP Puppy Package Services include:

  • Puppy Massage
  • Bath and Blow Dry
  • Pads Shaved/Sanitary area trimmed
  • Nail Trimming
  • Face trimming and Comb out
  • Feet shaping and General Scissor Shape up
  • Ear Cleaning and Ear Hair Removal
  • Anal Sac Expression
  • and more!

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Canine Design Spa and Aromatherapy Package

Spa Services

  • Customized services
  • High quality line of botanical products
  • Offering special shampoos and rinses for sensitive skin, allergies, or odor problems
  • Special conditioners and nail care are also offered

Every salon patron receives as part of their full salon package:

nail trimming – ear cleaning – anal sac expression – full body massage – bow or bandanna

Pets not being styled, just bathed also receive the above services!


Canine Design offers aromatherapy for those pets needing some extra relaxation, relief from anxiety, and overall immune system boosting. We have had some remarkable results with these treatments and hope more pets will be able to take advantage of the wonderful benefits of specialized aromatherapy.

Young Living Essential Oils and animalEO are used exclusively for all aromatherapy treatments.


Dietary and dog training consultations with Stacey can be done at the time of your regularly scheduled spa service or by special appointment. All training is done on an individual basis with separately scheduled training sessions. Please feel free to call with any specific questions that you may have!


This package is customized specifically for your puppy’s needs.

The main objective for doing a package with any pup is to start a training process incorporating good “table manners” and a comfortable attitude about the grooming procedures.

Ideal age for first scheduled appointment is 10-14 weeks of age.

The package consists of 3 groomings, face, feet and tail only, scheduled 2 weeks apart and is priced at a considerable discount. Depending on the age and breed of the puppy, usually the package price is 25-35% off regular prices. The package is prepaid and nonrefundable.

All 3 puppy appointments are scheduled after the first visit. Appointments may be scheduled sooner than the 2 week interval but not later so as to fall out of the 6 week time block allotted. The scheduling is very important for the learning process. The puppy usually does not retain much of what is learned past 3 weeks of exposure to the equipment and environment.

References from clients available by clicking here.

Puppy Massage

This is an allover body massage done by Stacey on all puppies that get a package. This is very important in teaching the pup to be restrained and learning to stand quietly on the table.

Bath and Blow dry

Again, a very important process for the puppy to be comfortable with during the grooming procedure. Most commercial dryers used in salons are high velocity and noisy.

Pads Shaved/ Sanitary area trimmed

These are two places that can become dirty and very prone to bacterial infections if not kept clean. Hair removal is necessary for cleanliness in most cases.

Nail Trimming

Good nail care is also a lifetime necessity. Nails allowed to grow out past the pads of the feet can cause early arthritic changes in the joints.

Face trimming and Comb out

Most pet trims include having the hair trimmed around the eyes and bangs. The puppy learns to sit still while having the scissors and clippers used around the eyes and the face. This is very important for the safety of the pup’s eyes and cleanliness around the eyes.

Feet shaping and General Scissor Shape up

This is important for an all over well-groomed appearance and keeping your floors cleaner! Neat and tidy feet drag in far less debris from the yard and walks.

Ear Cleaning and Ear Hair Removal

Many breeds do not have hair growth in the ear canals. But, most that require regular grooming do and they need this service performed every 4-6 weeks. Hair build up in the ear canal creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth and subsequent ear infections. This condition is very painful for the puppies and can easily be prevented with good hygiene by the pet stylist. In our salon, every grooming service includes ear cleaning with hair removal and application of an ear cleaner that has a drying agent to remove moisture after the bath. Puppies have to learn to tolerate this procedure since it is a very necessary part of the grooming process.

Anal Sac Expression

This is another part of the grooming procedure that requires some getting used to by the pup. The anal sacs are located on either side of the rectum and are usually drained when the pup has a normal BM. Sometimes, however, they may not drain on their own and can become impacted, painful, and even abscess if not taken care of correctly. Many dogs will scoot in the grass or on the carpet and lick excessively in that area if the anal sacs are not expelling on their own. In our salon, we always check and express anal sacs at the time of the bath. If a problem is noted, we will bring it to the client’s attention.

Our VIP Package full service groom is more than just a bath!

If at any time during the three scheduled package appointments, our staff feels that the pup can tolerate a full body haircut and the client so desires, the difference between the package price and the hair cut price is what is charged at that time. Most pup’s who need a full body haircut can have one no later than their last package appointment. Some are even comfortable with having it done at the first appointment.

Remember, regular good grooming can help prevent many health problems and is a necessity in the life of most pets. This whole puppy grooming experience should be positive and consistent.

Canine Design wants your pet to always feel like a VIP when they visit us for a spa treatment in our salon. Starting them on the right track makes all their visits a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

VIP Puppy Package

VIP Puppy Package

VIP Puppy Package

We will not accept your pet for a grooming appointment without a current Rabies Vaccine given by a licensed Veterinarian.

We will not accept your pet for grooming if the pet has received its vaccine less than 7 days prior to the scheduled appointment time.

At the time any appointment is scheduled, a $35 scheduling deposit is taken. If you choose to make any changes to the scheduled appointment time without 24 hours of notice, or do not show up for the scheduled appointment, the deposit turns into a cancellation fee.