Pet Grooming Salon

Canine Design is an all-breed dog and cat grooming salon/day spa provides an exceptional line of botanical products and show quality grooming supplies. Many of Canine Design’s customers are show dog breeders and trainers.

Canine Design’s staff provide show and pet grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. With 25 years of experience, 13 years including working as a full-time veterinary technician and clinic manager, all aspects of health are a consideration that are taken seriously at Canine Design.

Services include:

  • Spa Services
  • Aromatherapy
  • Individual Consultations

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Canine Design Spa and Aromatherapy Package

Spa Services

All services are customized according to every individual pets needs. When you call to make your salon appointment, you will be asked some general questions and an estimate of cost can be made at that time. Please be sure to mention any special needs your pet may have so proper preparation can be made for their arrival prior to their appointment time. Canine Design carries a high quality line of botanical products. We also offer special shampoos and rinses for the special needs of the pet who may have extra sensitive skin, allergies, or odor problems. Also offered are special conditioners and nail care. Every salon patron receives nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal sac expression, full body massage and a bandanna or bows with their full service salon package. Even the pets who are not being styled, just bathed receive the above mentioned services.


Canine Design offers aromatherapy for those pets needing some extra relaxation, relief from anxiety, and overall immune system boosting. We have had some remarkable results with these treatments and hope more pets will be able to take advantage of the wonderful benefits of specialized aromatherapy.

Young Living Essential Oils and animalEO are used exclusively for all aromatherapy treatments.

Individual Consultations

Dietary and dog training consultations with Stacey can be done at the time of your regularly scheduled spa service or by special appointment. All training is done on an individual basis with separately scheduled training sessions. Please feel free to call with any specific questions that you may have!

We will not accept your pet for a grooming appointment without a current Rabies Vaccine given by a licensed Veterinarian.

We will not accept your pet for grooming if the pet has received its vaccine less than 7 days prior to the scheduled appointment time.

At the time any appointment is scheduled, a $35 scheduling deposit is taken. If you choose to make any changes to the scheduled appointment time without 24 hours of notice, or do not show up for the scheduled appointment, the deposit turns into a cancellation fee.