Dog Agility Trial

12274235_989380801123221_2529495353324723690_nDOG AGILTY TRIAL!
Birt Arena, Nampa ID

11/20, 21, 23, 2015
First dog on the line Friday at 4 pm, Saturday at 9 am, Sunday at 9am.

This is a NADAC hosted trial. Entries help support NADAC

BARC will provide hospitality for exhibitors, volunteers, and judges.

Come out and join in the fun!!!
The run order for this weekend will be:


Numbered Hoopers (2 rounds)
Weavers (2 rounds)


Chances (2 rounds)
Touch n Go (2 rounds)
Regular (2 rounds)


Regular (2 rounds)
Jumpers (2 rounds)
Tunnelers (2 rounds).

This is a double run trial so each round is run back to back with no reversal and no second walk through.

We are doing day of show entries. The premium states it’s $12 per run, but we are going to drop that down to $10. Christmas
spirit and all