Pet Wellness

March 3, 2017, 6:30pm, at Canine Design All Breed Pet Salon

Intro to Nutrition – Raw Basics


Presented by:

Canine Design/ owner Stacey Sullivan (Raw feeder of 18 years),  Bark n Purr, Meats Royale

  • What are Whole Prey Model and BARF?
  • Why feed raw?  Are there local sources?
  • How do I get started feeding my pet a raw diet? How much money and time will it cost?

Join Stacey ( Canine Design), Jennifer (Bark n Purr) and Jess (Meats Royale) for a basic overview of

available products, pricing, sources and more general info to get started on a beneficial feeding regimen.

If you are already feeding raw, you might want to join us for some new ideas!

                   This event will be a fund raiser for IDAWG!

All presenters will provide door prizes, which your pre registration makes you eligible to win!

A $15 donation is required to reserve your spot at the event that evening.

New Green Grooming Products

At Canine Design, we are always striving to offer top quality products for use on our client’s pets.

We are also trying to offer products that are natural and non toxic with our client’s pets safety in mind, as well as, being responsible consumers who are not contributing to environmental pollution.

With this in mind, Canine Design is now offering 2 new shampoos and 1 conditioner. Stacey has used all three products on all three of her dogs. They smell great and leave the coat shiny and manageable. These products are Show Season Naturals for Green Grooming.

They are vegetable derived, coconut derived, Certified Organic, with Pure Grade Natural Oil. Ph Balanced, Cruelty Free and Biodegradable.

Ingredients are 99.4% Natural and Do Not Contain Phosphates, Phthalates, colors, silicones, EDTA or Propylene Glycol.

Essential Shampoo


Revitalize Shampoo


Nourish Conditioner